Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Killer Kindle sale

I'm about to make all my books, including the Ghostwriter Mystery series and The Agatha Christie Book Club, available in paperback, thanks to the wonders of CreateSpace. Before I do, however, I want to offer my readers the chance to purchase the ebooks at a greatly discounted rate.

Less than a buck!

For one week only ALL my ebooks will be available for just 99 cents on Kindle. This includes my very latest ghostwriter mystery, WORDS CAN KILL in which Roxy Parker packs her designer luggage and heads to Europe in a quest to find her missing boyfriend, Max. He's vanished from the face of the earth and his flatmate has shown up murdered. The cops suspect Max, but Roxy knows better ...

Now you can enjoy your copy of Words Can Kill for just 99 cents on Kindle. But you do need to be quick! This sale only lasts for seven days and then the book will revert to its original price of $3.69 on Amazon.

I do hope you log in, download and enjoy. And listen out for the upcoming launch of three new paperbacks!

Happy reading everyone.

xo Christina

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