Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sale-ing towards Roxy's 6th adventure: 99c ebook sale!

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It's written, edited and re-edited within an inch of its life. 

The cover is designed, the cover title has been chosen, and the requisite people been acknowledged and duly thanked. 

Hurrah! Roxy Parker's sixth riveting adventure is about to be launched and will hit the stands (as in, digital stands) in just one week.

Until then ... I'm throwing a Ghostwriter sale!

The first FOUR adventures in the Ghostwriter Mystery series will be on sale for exactly one week. That's seven days, folks, to catch up on any tales you haven't read, download a copy for a friend, or simply re-read an early favourite.

Product DetailsProduct Details

Then watch this space. 

I'll be doing a cover reveal in a few days and will also be announcing the winner of my Name The Next Book competition!

Happy (inexpensive) reading, everyone!

xo Christina

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