Monday, 9 February 2015

Roxy returns—and no-one can guess whodunnit!

I'm thrilled (and not a little relieved) to announce the launch of my latest Ghostwriter Mystery,
A Note Before Dying

It's now available on Kindle at Amazon and iPad, Nook, Kobo etc, via Smashwords.

This is Roxy Parker's sixth scintillating adventure and my eighth crime novel, and I defy anyone to work out whodunnit before the riveting conclusion! No, really, it's been through more than its fair share of editors (thanks Diana, Elaine and Misha), not to mention readers (thanks Shell and Pete) and NOT ONE person has come close to guessing.

Can you work it out? 

Have a look and decide for yourself. Until then, happy (challenging!) reading.

xo Christina

A Note Before Dying (Ghostwriter Mystery 6)

When uber rock legend Jed Moody is electrocuted while strutting his stuff on stage, he’s lucky he’s got one true fan in the audience—ghostwriter Roxy Parker. She may be there to write his life story but now she wants to know who snuffed it out so violently, and why.

Could it be a string of lovers or his long-suffering wife? An embittered band member or the money hungry publicist? And what about all those local villagers who resent the upstart rock star, including sexy ‘sparkie’ Sam? He’s got the electrical expertise and the perfect reason to want Jed Moody dead. 

Sam’s also got his sights set on Roxy Parker and she’s falling for him fast.

In the sixth Ghostwriter Mystery, Roxy enlists her best friend Detective Gilda Maltin to help her investigate. What they uncover will shock Roxy to the core and make her question her own insight into the human heart.

Has Roxy’s fetish for crime finally clouded her judgment? Is she now incapable of recognizing evil, even when it’s staring her in the face?

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