Tuesday, 17 May 2016

20 FREE copies of new e-book to giveaway!

With the launch of my new Agatha Christie Book Club—Murder on the Orient (SS)—I'm giving my devoted blog readers a chance to win one of 20 free copies of the e-book!

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That's right, baby, TWENTY!!

All you have to do—and it's uber easy—is jot down the name of your favourite Agatha Christie Book. I mean, really? Could it be an easier?

Do you adore Murder on the Orient Express, as I do? Is Evil Under the Sun a smarter choice? What about something more cryptic like The ABC Murders or Peril at End House?

Image result for agatha Christie booksDame Christie wrote around 82 detective novels, so you've got plenty of books to choose from.

Just jot the title in the comment box below or, if you'd like more privacy, via a direct email to me, and I'll get back to you if you're one of the first 20: christina.larmer@gmail.com

That's right—there is no right or wrong answer. Just get in quick!

I promise NOT to use your name and email for any other purpose so please don't worry about that. I just want to share my story with other Christie fanatics, and I want to do it fast.

So, let's recap…

Six Steps to Success

Step 1: Stop screaming at this wondrous opportunity and get a grip!
Step 2: Think about all of the Dame's many fantastic whodunnits and decide which one takes the cake. Can't recall them all? Try: the Agatha Christie website or Wikipedia.
Step 3: Write down the name of that chosen book in the comment box below, or via email to me.
Step 4: Sit back, take a breath and wait to hear if you're the lucky winner. (Gasp.)
Step 5: If you ARE the lucky winner, just let me know which format you prefer (for Kindle, iPad etc) and wait for it to be emailed directly to you.
Step 6: Download the book then sit back, take a breath, and enjoy the read :-)

Good luck everyone and thanks, once again, for all your support! I couldn't have done it without you.

xo Christina


  1. I hate to be a cliche but, Murder On The Orient express....

  2. I hate to be a cliche but, Murder On The Orient express....

  3. Tracy, it seems blogspot has been playing up and various attempts to thank you for your input have not posted. Apologies and I'll try again: thank you! You've made a very admirable choice and you are now a winner. Just let me know which e-reader you use: christina.larmer@gmail.com

  4. I entered the Christie world with Miss Marple. One of my favorites is What Mrs. McGuillicuty Saw. (I think that is autocorrecting weird).

    1. I must revisit that one, holdenj. I believe it was called something like The 4.50 From Paddington in England and Aus. Thanks for your comment and don't forget to email me with your e-reader deets Christina.larmer@gmail.com

  5. Thank you for this opportunity to enter your giveaway. I'm addicted to the Miss Marple books. Agatha Christie had talent that will never be matched. robeader53@yahoo.com

  6. I totally agree, Robin. Nobody does it better than Dame CHRISTIE. Thanks for your input and I'll be in touch. 😀