Tuesday, 21 June 2016

4th of July Giveaway (I'm in great company!)

NEWSFLASH: This compeition is now over. 
A giant CONGRATULATIONS to Jeanine who has not only scored herself 21 Amazon giftcards (at $10 each no less), she has also scored 21 FREE mystery e-books from 21 of the brightest writers across the globe. Jeanine's kindle must be jam-packed and groaning with pleasure! 
Well played, J.
xo CA

I love my American friends, and I love my American author friends even more! Not only have they been so incredibly inclusive— sharing writerly advice, issues, inspiration and feedback— they're a lot of fun and, gasp, incredibly successful.

Some of my mystery author Facebook friends are consistently on Amazon's Top 10 best-seller lists. They clearly have a mammoth fan base and they write and sell squillions of books.

But that's not what I love about them.

What I love is the fact that they always take the time—usually while in the middle of writing another best-seller— to answer my crazy author queries, like:

"Help! I'm desperate for book reviews, how do you get so many?!" 
"I need to kill someone with very little blood splatter, any tips?"

They're a constant, comforting shoulder to cry on but know just when to tell me to suck it up, sit back at my keyboard and keep on going (love that about the Amercians!) And they have the most surprising sense of humour, often sharing posts that leave me giggling like a schoolgirl (usually involving coffee, chocolate and cuddly creatures).

That's why, when they asked me to be involved in their latest giveway - a mega 4th of July 'Rafflecopter' - I couldn't say "yes!" fast enough.

I'm in illustrious company. Joining me in this uber generous comp are Big Guns like Kathi Daley, Dianne Harman, Julie Moffett, Tonya Kappes, Ritter Ames and Duncan Whitehead to name just a few (pls check out the full glittering list below).

For those who want to be in the running, 
here's what it involves:

* 21 authors
* 21 ebooks
* $210 in Amazon Gift Cards
* And one Grand Prize Winner!

The contest runs until midnight on July 4 and the winner will be announced the following day. Gift cards are in US dollars from Amazon.com

For more information, head to the website, pop in your entry and keep those fingers crossed.

Until July 4... Happy reading (and book winning) everyone!

xo Christina

* Kathi Daley
* Dianne Harman
* Anna Celeste Burke
* Leslie Langtry
* Ritter Ames
* Duncan Whitehead
* Julie Mulhern
* Julie Seedorf
* Tonya Kappes
* Maggie West
* Jane Firebaugh
* C.A.Larmer
* Cassidy Salem
* Zanna Mackenzie
* Leigh Selfman
* Linda Crowder
* Julie Moffett
* Christa Nardi
* Maureen Howard
* Diane Rapp
* Pam Kelley



  1. I tried following the link but it says it's not a good link?

    1. I'm so sorry, not sure what happened there but the competition is now closed. I'm happy to gift you a copy of Murder on the Orient (SS) to make up for your troubles - just contact me via email and I'll send you a free e-book: christina.larmer@gmail.com