Sunday, 9 October 2016

One cruise you can afford to take

Just a quick heads up: I'm holding a 99c sale for my latest crime novel Murder on the Orient (SS) at Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords et al.

This is the second in the popular Agatha Christie Book Club series and follows the gang as they scramble across the gangplank and onto a cruise that's less R&R and a lot more "Ahhhhh!"

It starts with a passenger missing overboard. It ends with the book club utilising their 'leetle grey cells' (a la Hercule Poirot) to solve a series of increasingly violent crimes.

There's a wealthy widow dead in her bed. Another passenger stabbed in the ship's gym. And who the hell has been stealing the Captain's wife's designer kaftans?!

This book—set on a modern replica of a cruise ship that really did sail the high seas back in Agatha Christie's days—was a lot of fun to write and is a baffling one to solve if my reviewers are anything to go by.

But you be the judge! Download your 99c ebook now and jump aboard for the ride. It won't be for sale for long.

Happy (cruisy) reading everyone!

xo Christina

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