Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Write yourself into my next mystery

Want to be the hero of my next Ghostwriter Mystery, standing side by side Roxy Parker as she attempts to thwart evil yet again?

Or would you prefer to be The Bad Guy with the good lines and the heart of darkness?

Now is your chance!

As I begin to craft Roxy Parker's sixth adventure — one that I think will surprise even my oldest fans — I am doing what I always do and simply plucking names out of the air for the various new characters I introduce. That got me thinking ...

Why randomly pick names when I can get my beloved readers involved in the process? 

I've done this once before and it was a big hit, so I'd like to try it again. But this time, I'm asking a teeny bit more of you.

How to become Roxy's friend/foe

Here's what you have to do: download a copy of Roxy's latest mystery, Words Can Kill, from Amazon. (Or if you've already done that, simply log in and click on.) Then, after you've read it, jot down a quick review on my Amazon page, letting others know whether you loved it, hated it or felt something in between. Your review doesn't have to be long, profound or even positive. I'd just like to hear more feedback from the people who really matter—you, my readers.

The first three people to review Words Can Kill on Amazon, will be named in my next book. I'll just use your first name (or a pseudonym of your choosing) but you do need to let me know, via this blog or an email, so I know I have your permission.*

What's more, if you get in FIRST, you get to choose whether your moniker is used as the hero or villain. It's completely up to you.

Sound like a deal?

If you're not interested in writing an Amazon review or have read it through another eReader, that's okay, too. Jot a review on the comments section of this blog and you will still be in the running.

Just get in quick! And thanks, again, for all your support.

xo Christina

*NB: Now for the small print... Participants can not dictate any matters regarding the character, other than their first name. All matters regarding the character, including behaviour, personality etc, are at the complete discretion of the author. If you do not contact the author through this blog or her email (above) your name will not be used, so don't hesitate to let me know once you've done your review. Thanks.

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