Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Roxy rears her head again!

It starts with a woman frantically banging her tiny fists against the car window, spraying sweat and desperation all over the impenetrable glass. It ends with Roxy Parker solving not only this suspicious death but the murder of a whimsical groupie whose body is found washed up in a creek on the hinterland property of an aging rock star ...

Yep, I've officially begun the SIXTH Ghostwriter Mystery adventure and I'm in imaginary heaven again. Is there anything more fabulous to a writer than this early, dreamy process? You have the bare bones, the skeleton, the start (and end) as I do, and you have to fill in the blanks.

Starting a new novel is always exhilarating, energising and slightly terrifying. There's a clean slate, a million possibilities and an empty road ahead. With Roxy books, they always fill in very quickly. Well, almost always. I occasionally hit a road bump, the proverbial writers block, but it rarely lasts long and it only takes a quick glance at a previous book (find the voice, remember the inspiration!) to get me over the speed bumps.

Okay enough of the crappy road metaphores. You get the picture. And soon you will get the book, but first I have to get cracking. This means, dear readers, that I may be out of touch for a while.

I'll let you know how I'm going along the way, but please be patient with me. Once I'm ensconced in Roxy's world, I often forget to come up for air (let alone write a blog, eat lunch, pick up the kids ...) but the end result is usually worth it. At least it is to me. (My hungry kids may have other opinions on that.)

In the meantime, happy reading everyone and thanks for all your support over this long and fabulous process. And please, never hesitate to get in touch. I ALWAYS have time to hear from readers, especially happy ones!

xo Christina

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