Sunday 14 December 2014

Roxy's 6th mystery brings sparks - good & bad!

So there she is, minding her own business again—or rather, poking her nose into a client's—when our industrious ghostwriter Roxy Parker stumbles upon another grisly murder. (What? No!) This time Roxy's client, an uber-sexy rock star with a v. messy background, is zapped to death by his Fender Strat guitar.

He literally burns to death in front of her eyes!

There are some very dodgy suspects watching from the crowd, and at least two or three on stage right alongside him, including his beloved wife ...

In my sixth Ghostwriter Mystery, Roxy is back with a sizzling crime and a soft spot for a man who just might be the murderer. (Why must she always fall for the bad guys?!) Everyone's pointing the finger at the local sparkie (aka electrician), Sam Forrest. He's got a very good reason to want the rock star dead, and Roxy knows she should be avoiding the man at all costs. The problem is, she's nursing a broken heart after her failed relationship with Max Farrell, and there's something about Sam she can't resist. He has big puppydog eyes and an even cuter puppydog! And he's begging for her help.

Has Roxy just met the new man of her dreams or is she being taken for another ride?

Stay tuned, folks. You'll find out for yourself in a few weeks. I've just finished writing the latest adventure in Roxy Parker's life, and this one is set in the hinterland behind the rockin' town of Byron Bay. It's currently with my US editor. I'm hoping to have it up on Amazon and Smashwords in the new year.

Until then, be sure to catch up on Roxy's other adventures first if you haven't read them all via Amazon or Smashwords. And listen out for fresh books sales and title/cover reveals in the lead up to the launch.

If we don't speak beforehand, have a fantastic festive season and may there be lots of riveting mysteries in this year's Chrissy stocking!

xo Christina