Friday 21 February 2020

A New Mystery, A Cozy Sale…

Super eBook Sale: ACBC 3

Thanks to my buddies at BookBub and EReader News Today, I'm running another global promotion, this time for the third adventure in the AGATHA CHRISTIE BOOK CLUB series, the award-winning Evil Under the Stars
For the next week or so, the eBook can be purchased for just 99c — in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and India.
To clinch your discount copy, just click here. And happy, reading, folks!

Sneak Peek: Ghostwriter 7

Meanwhile, I'm beyond excited to report that my brand-new mystery—the seventh in my popular GHOSTWRITER MYSTERY series—will be out on March 2
To PRE-ORDER your copy, head straight to Amazon now. To learn a little more about this series, click here, or read on to see what Roxy's been up to. [Oh and if you'd like to share your thoughts on the cover, don't hesitate to leave me a comment, below. :-)] 

Without a Word
(Ghostwriter Mystery 7)
OUT: March 2, 2020
"It’s been a long time between drinks for our merlot-swilling ghostwriter Roxy Parker, but she's back, this time in the belly of her mates and on a 20-year-old missing person's case.

Roxy’s client—PR princess Phoebe Fisher—was just a child when her entire family vanished. She wants Roxy to tell her story now; Roxy’s more interested in the past.

Why did young Phoebe’s family vanish?
How could they do it in just one night?
And what's the 'dark and sinister event' that triggered the whole thing?

As Roxy sorts fact from fiction, detective friend Gilda has a shocking case of her own—a woman has baked to death in a sizzling hot car. They’re calling it ‘suicide by sunbaking’ but is that even possible or could it be something more macabre?

From the best-selling author of the AGATHA CHRISTIE BOOK CLUB comes the much-anticipated seventh instalment of the Ghostwriter Mysteries, a fun, fast-paced series for those who love a humorous whodunit with contemporary characters you can fall in love with. This time, Roxy’s got a Border Collie by her side and a secret so scary she's terrified to tell her mum (let alone Max!)."
Happy (mysterious) reading, everyone.
xo Christina

Tuesday 11 February 2020

The Joy! The Relief! On Birthing Ghostwriter 7 and Discounting the First 6 ($5 for all!)

ON THE EVE of her 10th birthday, Phoebe Fisher wakes to find her entire family has vanished. Twenty years later and ghostwriter Roxy Parker is hired to write 'Forgotten Phoebe's memoir, but is she getting the whole story, the true story of what really happened that fateful day…?

It's such a hackneyed phrase, forgive me, but writing a book really is like having a baby—the pain, the promise, the missing months—that I can't help but trot out that old chestnut again. 

Not only do you get 'mummy brain' (just ask my family—they're so thrilled to have me back), even the stages of pregnancy are the same, starting with the queasy first trimester when you're building the story's skeleton, blood and bone. Then there's the blissful middle bit where you get to pad it all out, followed by the difficult final trimester when you have to squish it all together, hope everything's in the right place, and bring this baby home!

We're not quite at the birthing stage yet folks, but boy we're close. My seventh Ghostwriter Mystery is officially with my editor (hey Annie!) and I'm in the throes of creating the cover with my lovely designer Stu. So put the champagne on ice and get the cigars out, because we're almost there! Ahhh...


It's been a while between Ghostwriter mysteries, so get familiar with Roxy and her crew. While each book is a stand-alone adventure, knowing the back story always makes for a much richer and more immersive read. 
Which is why I'm discounting all six of the previous books (well, the first one's free so that's even better!) For ONE WEEK ONLY every Ghostwriter Mystery is on SALE for just 99c each. And you can still get Book 1 for zip.
That's six ebooks for less than $5! But get in quick. SALE ENDS FEBRUARY 21.
Next newsletter you'll get a sneak peek of the new cover, and a title reveal. And there'll be free copies, too. Until then, happy (ghostwriter) reading!
xo Christina