CHRISTINA LARMER is an experienced editor and journalist with 
expertise in researching, writing, editing and compiling a large 
corporate biography and is available to take on any projects, 
large or small. She is happy to write under her own name or 
ghostwrite on behalf of the client.

• A Measure of Papua New Guinea: The Arman Larmer Surveys Story
tells the incredible true story of two wide-eyed Australian surveyors who
were first sent to PNG on a three-month assignment in 1964 and ended
up building the country's most successful survey company. 
It tells of their 40-plus years battling unforgiving jungles,
crocodile-infested swamps, tribal wars and socio-economic turmoil to
help make the company—and country—what it is today.

This 415-page, glossy, hard-cover book includes interviews with more
than 70 people across the globe, from China to Canada, as well as
thousands of websites, hundreds of books and countless contributions
from people past and present. It was completed in just 14 months and
published by Focus Publishing in July 2008.

For more info or a copy of the book:

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