Wednesday 28 January 2015

Sale-ing towards Roxy's 6th adventure: 99c ebook sale!

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It's written, edited and re-edited within an inch of its life. 

The cover is designed, the cover title has been chosen, and the requisite people been acknowledged and duly thanked. 

Hurrah! Roxy Parker's sixth riveting adventure is about to be launched and will hit the stands (as in, digital stands) in just one week.

Until then ... I'm throwing a Ghostwriter sale!

The first FOUR adventures in the Ghostwriter Mystery series will be on sale for exactly one week. That's seven days, folks, to catch up on any tales you haven't read, download a copy for a friend, or simply re-read an early favourite.

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Then watch this space. 

I'll be doing a cover reveal in a few days and will also be announcing the winner of my Name The Next Book competition!

Happy (inexpensive) reading, everyone!

xo Christina

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Name my new mystery, be named in my next one!

        Author Note: "A big THANK YOU to all those who emailed me privately with their book title ideas (see blog below). Some were wonderful, some a little wacky and all were most appreciated. The competition is now officially closed and I will be going into cover production phase next week with my designer. A final decision on the title will be made after that. Stay tuned and thanks again ..."

Roxy Parker's 6th Ghostwriter murder mystery is about to come out but I need your help first! There's the small matter of the title ... oh whatever shall I call it?

I have a few ideas but I'd love your input as well. Come up with the perfect title for the novel and you will not only have the satisfaction of seeing your words splashed all over Amazon, Apple ibooks, Sony etc, but you will also be thanked inside the cover AND be offered the chance to name the new villain in Ghostwriter Mystery #7! (You could name yourself, your boss, your cheating ex-hubby, it's up to you!)

FYI: Book 6 sees Roxy Parker head to the subtropical hinterland behind Byron Bay on Australia's sun-drenched eastern coast where she is booked to write the life story of an ageing Aussie rock star. When he is suddenly electrocuted while on stage, Roxy realises there is murder afoot, and sets about investigating...

Rules of the game:

• It's very simple: all you have to do is post your book title ideas in a comment page on this blog. Or, if you're prefer anonymity, you can email me directly:
• You will need to send your ideas ASAP - my designer will start working on the cover on Jan 20.
• If yours is the winning title I will contact you directly. If you have not heard from me, it means you have not been successful.
• Where two or more people submit the same title idea, the first in wins.
• There is no payment for ideas, your reward is the right to name the villain in my next Ghostwriter Mystery (book #7), due out later in the year.*

And remember: 
1): The title has to be short and snappy and catch a reader's attention straight away
2): It has to imply something to do with writing, words, books etc (check out my other titles to get the idea)
3): It has to imply some kind of murder, crime, mystery or death
4: And if you can, it would be great if it had something to do with music and/or music writing. But that would be a bonus!

To get you inspired, here are a few I've been playing with:
The Last Verse
Death March
Killer Chorus ...

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your ideas!
xo Christina

* Within reason! I can not use profanities in names and where I think the name is in bad taste or will cause harm or injury to myself or another person I reserve the right to reject your suggestion. This is at my discretion. I trust you understand.