Business Copyediting

With an Arts degree in Communications (Journalism / PR), decades of experience as an editor, author, indie publisher and social media expert, Christina is the go-to person for all your copy editing needs:


• Edit your website, blog or business bio: YOU know your business, Christina knows words and creativity, and together you can make your business look and sound as dynamic as it can be. For those who don't know where to start or how their website/blog/bio sounds, Christina is a whiz at copy editing, and can edit your entire web presence, making every word sing.

• Consult on business marketing, PR and social media: Every biz has a social media presence now, so yours needs to both fit in and stand out—no easy feat. That's where Christina's expertise comes in. She can help you hone your message, choose optimal metadata and images, and make your presence as creative and eye-catching as the market leaders. Includes: PR pitches, giveaway ideas and all you need to know about Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others.

Email Christina for a chat or a quote:

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