Monday 16 January 2017

New DIY Mystery on sale - one week only

As a special gift to my devoted blog readers, I'm dropping the price of my brand-new novel, DO NOT GO GENTLE, to just 99c at Amazon and Smashwords.

The sale kicks off today and ends in just one week, so don't hesitate, my friends, to download your super-affordable copy. And please don't forget to get in touch should you have any comments or views. This is a potential new series for me, so I'm especially keen to hear from you. Leave a comment below or jot me an email and I'll get back to you.

Thanks guys and happy (affordable) reading everyone!

xo Christina

Thursday 5 January 2017

I'm dead. I think my son stabbed me. I can not rest until I know why...

With her dead grandmother beckoning furiously from the tunnel, Lulu Gold refuses to go to the light even though she knows she's dead and there's no chance of return.

The problem is, she thinks her son—her achingly beautiful son—killed her and she's determined to find out why.

Why would her 13-year-old sneak up and stab her in the back one Sunday morning?
Was she really that horrendous a mother?
Or is there something else going on down there, something darker and more sinister at play?

Do Not Go Gentle is my latest murder mystery, and a whole new venture for me. Dubbed a 'Posthumous Mystery' it all takes place in the first 12 hours after a murder, and this time I invite the reader to come along and help me solve the crime.

As Lulu hovers above the crime scene, readers get a chance to view all the clues and hear the suspects' secrets to determine whodunit and why.

More than just a mystery, this one is also a study of family and friendships, a look at parenting gone awry and a re-evaluation of everything you ever thought about the true meaning of love.

It's not what you think.

My 10th novel and my favourite, this one is sure to make you laugh and cry, and often at the same time!

Happy reading everyone.
xo Christina