Wednesday 4 March 2020

"It's a page-turner!" Ghostwriter 7 On Sale Now—Most Gripping Mystery Yet

"I really loved this book. The storyline was interesting and grabbed your attention. It’s very well written and developed. I found this a hard book to put down. I recommend reading."
– Heather 177, Booksprout

“A well written suspense with engaging characters and well plotted mystery.”
– Anne Glass Kasaba, Booksprout


A Ghostwriter Mystery 7

IT'S BEEN a long time between drinks for our merlot-swilling ghostwriter, but Roxy Parker's back in the belly of her mates and on a 20-year-old missing person's case.
Roxy’s client—PR princess Phoebe Fisher—was just a child when her entire family vanished. She wants Roxy to tell her story now; Roxy’s more interested in the past.
Why did young Phoebe’s family vanish?
How could they do it in just one night?
And what's the 'dark and sinister event' that triggered everything?
As Roxy sorts fact from fiction, detective friend Gilda has a shocking case of her own—a woman has baked to death in a sizzling hot car. They’re calling it "suicide by sunbaking" but is that even possible or could it be something more macabre?
From the best-selling author of the AGATHA CHRISTIE BOOK CLUB comes the much-anticipated seventh instalment of the Ghostwriter Mysteries, a fun, fast-paced series for those who love a complex, humorous whodunit with contemporary characters you can fall in love with. This time, Roxy’s got a dog by her side and a secret so scary she's terrified to tell her mum (let alone her ex-boyfriend Max!).
GENRE: Cozy, crime, humour, romance, amateur sleuth, international adventure
NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This book contains Australian slang and a little adult language—all part of the Aussie vernacular. No offence is intended.

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